Bali 2014 ~ Arrival

Bali 2014 ~ Arrival

We’re off on our Fall adventure: Bali, Switzerland, and Germany. We’ve had some raised eyebrows when people hear that combination together, since those going to Bali usually don’t head to Europe after their sun-filled trip. It was another creative idea of MJ, since we’ve both wanted to see Bali quite some time, and Europe is another favorite destination.

On to our seven nights in Bali… this was a new adventure for us, as we’ve yet to travel to Indonesia. After an 18 hour trip, we arrive in Bali via an overnight in Taiwan. No chance to see Taiwan this time around, since it’s for a cat nap at an airport hotel before our next flight (nice room at the Novotel, if you’re passing through Taiwan by the way). Normally I would have liked to check out our stop, but no time, and we’ll be back to explore Taiwan for the first time in December… stay tuned.

On to Bali…

Arriving in Bali

Arriving in Bali

AIRPORT TIP: If you’ve never been to Bali before take note: once you hit the ground and think “Woo hoo, we’re finally got here,” you see the immigration line that you need to pass through to pay your TAXES to enter the country…

It’s an extremely long line, which takes quite some time to get through, so don’t “dilly-dally” exiting the plane… get in line as soon as you can. There were some in front of us who had been to Bali before and actually ran to get in line before the rest of the plane departed.


On to Keramas Beach!

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